Townhall Meeting of the Tunnel Party to be Postponed

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We were informed today by The Substation that the Tunnel Party will be postponed because the Police wanted The Substation to apply for an assembly license even though the event had already been scheduled to move indoors (from outdooors) into The Guiness Theatre because of similar concerns by the Police.

In order to apply for an assembly license, the police would need to vet all the flyers and brochures from the groups and also mentioned that they are not in favour of the distribution of materials from "certain" groups.

Hmm... wonder what groups those are?

The Substation will arrange a meeting with all the stakeholders of the various groups to re-think the whole event.

Having said that, permission from MDA was given to hold a music event outside and the film screenings will still continue in the theatre. Following requests from MDA, the music event outdoors will now be licensed as The SeptFest Gig.

Everyone is invited to go down to The SeptFest Gig at 4.30pm, Saturday, SMU Pavement Area