ST Forum: Gay Teacher's Outing Not Appropriate (Sept 22)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ST Forum: Gay Teacher's Outing Not Appropriate

In the letter, 'Gay teacher's outing a milestone in debate' (ST, Sept 18), Dr Peter Goh Kok Yong stated that '... heterosexuality has always been the biased model'.

It is actually the natural model, based on the physical attributes of males and females. Moreover, it is the best model for the benefit of mankind.

Yes, teachers are supposed to provide 'unbiased advice to young students' but who is to ensure this? In fact, parents are supposed to do this important work, not teachers.

Students are very impressionable and prone to hero-worshipping teachers that they like. By admitting that he is gay, Mr Otto Fong has issued an open invitation to students to find out about his lifestyle and perhaps some of them might want to follow in his footsteps.

It is the gay lifestyle and its implications that most people are wary of.

There are gays who live their choice of lifestyle quietly but there are others who aggressively try to influence people to follow suit.

These are the ones who, if they are teachers, may cause the most harm in schools and elsewhere.

Let us not be too harsh on gays but let us not be blind to the dangers they pose to society and mankind.

Remember that, very often, silence means consent.

Patricia Maria De Souza (Ms)