New Gay Mobile Social Software Fronts the Online Dating World

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Press release from: AJ Entrepreneurs

(openPR) - SINGAPORE - September 12, 2007 -- AJ Entrepreneurs announced today a new online connectivity feature for its gay mobile phone social networking software, emale mobile(TM), enabling today's highly mobile individuals to search through a world-wide database of profiles and instantly connect them with other gays and lesbians around the world. In addition to the existing short-range Bluetooth detection technology, the mobile personals platform can now use GPRS or WiFi based connectivity to the Internet to find friends or dates at virtually any distance.

While emale mobile's(TM) newfound capabilities are similar to today's online dating portals, most such portals were designed for use by standard computers and are either too media-heavy and slow to be useful, or completely inaccessible from mobile phones. emale mobile(TM) on the other hand was designed from the ground up with the specific intention of using the service from a mobile device. The software is compact, lightweight, and faster than accessing other online portals using a mobile phone's standard web browser. emale mobile(TM) profiles also require less space than standard online portals, resulting in faster download times and lower GPRS service charges.

For those who wish to avoid GPRS service charges from their mobile operator, emale mobile(TM) users can alternatively visit a nearby cafe or fast food chain that offers free WiFi, or rely on Bluetooth technology as a method to scan. With Bluetooth based scanning, emale mobile(TM) will periodically scan for others nearby while the user goes about his or her daily routine. When another user is detected and if a match is found, both users' profiles are exchanged automatically and saved to the mobile phone's memory for viewing and text messaging. Bluetooth has a distance limitation of 10-15 meters however, and while it is useful in small densely populated public areas, users will be able to achieve better search results by utilizing the new online database.

"emale mobile's step into the online world is a major leap forward since its Bluetooth-only release earlier this year. It was the top suggested feature in our focus groups, and not only eliminates distance limitations for current users, but also enables users without Bluetooth the ability to use the software. It also places emale mobile(TM) in a strategic position for further online growth, including access to real-time news, targeted advertising, and other multimedia content", said John Woodburn, Managing Director, AJ Entrepreneurs.

The latest version of emale mobile(TM) is available for download free of charge. For more information or to download the software, visit

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