Calling all LGBT Teens!

Monday, September 17, 2007

*Young OUT Here*, more affectionately known as *yOUTh*, is back!

All Fueled Up and Raring to Go, this second run is definitely more exciting,
with a larger range of topics and social events you can look forward to!

What is *yOUTh* about?

Not affiliated with any organisations, *yOUTh* stands on its own as a *gay
identity building, affirming and secular support group*, especially for youths, set
up by youths!

*yOUTh* aims to reach out to *LGBT* teens who want to come together, to not
only to learn from each other but also to share their experiences that they
go through, building their own social and support network at the same time,
in a safe and inclusive environment!

The theme for the second run is *EMPOWERMENT* . It will focus on skills for
you to build on your individuality by discussing relevant topics. We've also
included a bigger range of themes and a deeper emphasis on your relations
with school, family, friends, relationships, the LGBT community and of
course, yourselves.

*What YOU can look forward to: *

• Creative and informal discussions about topics that concern YOU!
• Safe and Inclusive environment
• Listening ears aplenty
• Guest Speakers to shed light on more serious topics and answer your questions!
• Snacks and drinks provided every session
• A great place to meet and make like-minded friends.
• A total of 12 sessions are planned with social outings peppered in between sessions for YOU to mingle and enjoy the company of your new friends!

*A Taste of the Topics that will be covered:*

• One Foot In, Both Feet OUT - Coming Out and YOU
• Where We Belong - Our Community and YOU
• Class in Session - School and YOU
• Dearly Beloved - Family and YOU
• Trilogy of Love - Dating, Relationships, Breakups and being Happily Single!
• Bringing SexyBack - Safer Sex and YOU
• You and Only YOU – Healthy Gay Identity and YOU

The second run of *yOUTh* is slated to start in end Oct 07, spanning about 5
months, fornightly sessions.

Group Size will be capped at 15.

If you are interested, between the age of *16 to 21*, *LGBT *and want to
find out more, do contact us at

If you do know of a fellow GLBT youth from this age group, do help to spread
the word around!

*yOUTH* is sponsored by ** and *Action for Aids (Singapore)*