ST Forum: Gay issue in the US far from settled (May 2)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gay issue in the US far from settled

I AM perturbed by Mr Ken Lee Jun-Jie's views and
recommendations in his online letter on Tuesday, 'MDA
high-handed in its fine on Ch5 for gay episode'.

US practice is far from being settled. Same-sex
marriages and adoption of children by same-sex couples
are not approved in all US states. The permissive laws
and practices in Canada have been strongly divisive
and its society is unfortunately polarised. Mr Lee
should not mislead us by selectively citing highly
controversial practices by arguably a numerical and
political minority in countries such as the US and

Broadcasting (free-to-air) channels have widespread
reach and thus different considerations, especially
towards the young, apply. The question still remains,
whether homosexual values including same-sex marriage
and alliances and adoption of children are healthy and
beneficial for our society. MDA content guidelines and
enforcement therefore strike a good balance in light
of the broader interests of our society.

Moreover, apart from the interests of the young,
broadcasting a show which advocates a highly
controversial value is an invasion of the majority's
will against the mainstreaming of homosexuality in
Singapore, as endorsed by PM Lee during last October's
parliamentary debates. Adult Singaporeans, who are so
inclined or actively seek to be 'educated', can easily
access other available sources such as the Internet.

By not blindly following the controversial position
adopted by some in other countries, MDA has shown
itself to be a credible and discerning regulator.

Andrew Lim