Homosexuality Talks at the Catholic Centre

Monday, May 5, 2008

1. Homosexuality: A Christian Response

Date: Thursday, May 8

Time: 7.15pm

Leslie, a former transsexual will share the story of how he came to realize that homosexual acts are a dead end and how he found real happiness. Brother Michael Broughton, a religious educator, will share the “Do’s and Dont’s When Speaking To Persons With Homosexual Inclinations”.

2. What’s Wrong With Homosexual Acts? Part I: Viewpoints from Psychology and Societal Implications

Date: Thursday, May 15

Time: 7.15pm

Centre of Ignatian Spirituality and Counselling Director, Father Paul Lian-Kok Goh, SJ will share his viewpoint on what’s wrong with homosexual acts from his background in psychology respectively, while Mr Thomas Aqbal, an Advocate and Solicitor will explore the societal implications. Also invited is Mr Alex Au a.k.a. Yawning Bread, as he is known on the Internet. Mr Au is a founding member of Singapore ’s main gay equality lobby group “People Like Us 3”.

3. What’s Wrong With Homosexual Acts? Part II: Viewpoints from Medicine and Moral Implications

Date: Thursday, May 22
Time: 7.15pm

Moral theologian Father David Garcia, OP will share his viewpoint on what’s wrong with homosexual acts morally while Dr John Hui, Immediate Past Master of the Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore shares his viewpoints from his background in medicine.

4. SSA and Hope: Resources, Support Groups, and Counselling
Date: Thursday, May 29
Time: 7.15pm

Family Life Society Therapist Catherine Tyrer will explain “What Is Counselling All About?” where she will walk participants through what takes place during a counselling session with a person with same-sex attraction. Avenues for support and resources available will also be shared.

All sessions will be held at CANA – The Catholic Centre ( 55 Waterloo Street , 2nd level). Please register by email at cana@catholiccentre.com.sg. The forum is free of charge.