EMERGE at FCC (May 29)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear friends,

EMERGE is a brand new 10-week long adventure to explore the foundations of the Christian faith in a relaxed, informal and engaging way. We won't be backing away from the difficult questions of the Christian faith and some of the topics that will be explored include:

- Who is Jesus and why do Christians believe in Him?
- What is the role of the Bible and how should I use it?
- How does God guide us?
- How do I experience God in my life?
- What is the role of the Church and how does FCC fit into this?
- How are we really supposed to live out our lives as Christians?

So whether you are brand new in Church, attending once in a while, or have been a Christian in FCC for a long time already, if you want to have a safe space to get a good grip on the foundations of the faith, I invite you to contact me with your email and mobile number to register for the EMERGE series that starts this Thursday 29/5/08 in FCC at 8pm.

Your fellow explorer,

Gary Chan

PS: If you are already attending a cell group in FCC, please discuss this with your cell leader first before registering! This series also does not deal specifically with faith and sexuality issues and if you would like to join a Bible Study series around that, please contact Miak who runs the Living Water series