ST: Your Insights (Oct 27)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oct 27, 2007
Your Insights

Last week, we asked for your take on the debate over Section 377A of the Penal Code. We received 119 responses - 80 arguing to keep the law, 32 wanting it repealed and seven who did not pick a side. Here are some of the responses:

'AFTER a good and level-headed debate, I would say: To each his own conscience. The solution: status quo ante.' MR WINSTON CHIN, in an SMS

'SINGAPORE is largely made up of conservative people. The law and policies of this country are made to serve the needs of such people. Conservative people are against homosexual relationships, and therefore it is only right that Section 377A is upheld in Singapore.' MR ALOYSIUS LAI, in an e-mail

'THE challenge facing gay men here is not the law, but society's standards of what constitutes decent activity. Repealing the law would open the door to other forms of indecent behaviour beyond gay sex. Instead of repealing a law to the detriment of everyone, the gay community should concentrate their efforts on convincing the rest of society that gay sex is not an act of gross indecency.'
MR BENJAMIN KONG, in an e-mail

'WHY should two people who want to spend their lives together in a responsible and monogamous relationship be even thought of as criminals?' MADAM JOAN WONG, in an e-mail

'I STILL think that we should not force or impose a set of moral ideology and values on homosexuals, as it will hurt their feelings and deepen any existent distrust between them and the mainstream society. Instead, we should give more space for gay activist groups to express their views freely and gradually monitor their social activities, in order to get a better and deeper understanding of the economic contributions of their activities to society.' MR TEO KUEH LIANG, in an e-mail