ST Online Forum - Homosexuality: Legalising something that is not right does not make it right (Jul 19)

Friday, July 20, 2007

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July 19, 2007
Homosexuality: Legalising something that is not right does not make it right

THE views I have regarding the current controversy of decriminalising gay sex is purely personal. However, I will not be surprised if other like-minded Singaporean mothers share my views.I had the opportunity to travel and live in North America, and experienced life in cities where homosexuality is openly acceptable.

While in San Francisco for a medical conference, my attempt to explore the city was marred by the Gay Pride Parade. There were rainbow flags all over the city, and the public transport system was paralysed because of the event.

My spouse and I lived in Toronto several years ago, while on a work attachment at a reputable hospital in the city. When we first arrived, we stayed at a hostel at Church Street. The irony was that it's the street where homosexuals hang out in.

I attended an eye-opening play at a gay theatre, about the gay lifestyle, performed by gays. The play was written by a 14-year-old school girl, and received good reviews for its literary merits on national newspaper. A local paediatrician colleague openly introduced her lesbian partner to us.

Most of the bookshops in North America will have significant sections for gay and lesbian literature, and not infrequently, they are right next to the children's books section.

I returned fully convinced that Singapore is still the best place to raise my children.

However, with casinos coming in, and now the push for the legal acceptance of an 'alternative lifestyle', our younger generation's moral compass will sway even more uncertainly.

As a paediatrician, I remain an advocate for the well-being of our children. Today's children and adolescents already have enough health and psycho-social issues to grapple with. They don't deserve the added problems of homosexuality and rising HIV infections.

When local schools teach that homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle, and my children's teachers are open about their homosexual relationships, I will quit my immensely satisfying career to home-school my children.

When local church/religious leaders sanction same-sex marriages and ordain homosexual ministers, I will quit going to church and will not send my children to a mission school.

The day Singapore becomes like San Francisco, foreign talents can come in all they like, but there would not be much left to keep me in Singapore.

I am not aware of any convincing medical literature that proves that homosexuality is genetic. Mankind has struggled with homosexuality since biblical times.

I am not expressing my views from a position of strength. As human beings, we all have our struggles and temptations.However, legalising something that is not right does not make it right, does it?

Dr Ang Su Yin