St Forum: MCS and NCSS Don't Speak for All Christians (Jul 20)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jul 20
MCS and NCCS Don't Speak for All Christians

We refer to the letter from Bishop Dr Solomon “Rev
Dr Yap doesn’t speak for Methodist Church” of 19 Jul
2007. Likewise, we know that neither The Methodist
Church in Singapore (MCS) nor the National Council
of Churches in Singapore (NCCS) of which Bishop Solomon
is current President, speak for all Christians in
Singapore. It is worth pointing out that
there are diverse views on the issue of section 377A
and homosexuality amongst christians in Singapore,
including individual church ministers and lay
christians in NCCS' own member churches.

The leaders and members of the Free Community Church
strongly support the repeal of section 377A. We affirm
that same-sex relationships are consistent with
Christian faith and teachings, when lived out in
accord with the love commandments of Jesus. Instead,
it is discrimination based on sexual orientation and
homophobia that are inconsistent with Christian

The debate amongst christians in Singapore, within
and beyond MCS and NCCS churches, is far from over. The
constructive thing to do is for us to engage in
meaningful dialogue to increase our collective
understanding of the issues at hand.

Dr Peter Goh
Free Community Church