ST Online Forum: Be pragmatic, not xenophobic (Jul 21)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 21, 2007
Be pragmatic, not xenophobic

I REFER to Dr Ang Su Yin's letter, 'Homosexuality: Legalising something that
is not right does not make it right'.

In her letter, Dr Ang related her experience of gay culture in San
, including having her schedule being disrupted by a gay parade.

Some perspective is needed here. Decriminalising gay acts in Singapore would
not in itself lead to gay culture being practised as openly here, if the
authorities set the tone right. There is a clear difference between
decriminalising homosexuality, and promoting it as a lifestyle alternative.

Dr Ang, as well as many others, seem to be of the view that homosexuality is
immoral to begin with. Such a mindset would only serve to marginalise
Singapore in the global age.

Homosexuality is undeserving of being considered a crime, because, by
itself, it does not harm anyone, except possibly the delicate sensibilities
of ultra-conservatives .

The most pragmatic solution is to recognise the rights of homosexuals as
individuals, but continue to provide strong moral foundation in our schools,
and discourage gay culture from being practised openly.

Ng E-Jay