ST Forum: Right decision to fine MediaCorp over gay couple (April 28)

Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008
Right decision to fine MediaCorp over gay couple
I REFER to the Media Development Authority (MDA) decision against
MediaCorp in the article last Thursday, 'MediaCorp fined for airing
show featuring gay couple'.

I agree with and applaud MDA's decision to fine MediaCorp for airing a
show featuring a gay couple on television. In airing the show,
MediaCorp is tacitly promoting a gay lifestyle. The act of airing such
a show which promotes a gay (and alternative) lifestyle is detrimental
to the common good, as well as societal values.

The media should not endorsing or promote the gay lifestyle and should
not describe a gay couple as a 'family unit'. To do so is
irresponsible and may lead to erosion of values and breakdown of the
traditional family unit (father, mother and children). MDA must step
in to ensure compliance and observance of the law and guidelines,
which have been laid down to ensure good values and morals are upheld
in society.

Jacelyn Chan (Ms)