ST Forum: MDA high-handed in its fine on Ch5 for gay episode

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008
MDA high-handed in its fine on Ch5 for gay episode
I AM disappointed with the Media Development Authority's imposition of
a fine on MediaCorp Channel 5 for airing an episode of a reality show
depicting a gay couple with their adopted child on Jan 13.

Gay people living together with adopted children is a reality in
countries such as the US. In censuring Channel 5 for carrying a
television programme documenting the lives of one such couple, the MDA
has denied Singaporeans the opportunity to reflect on the issue of
'non-conventional' family arrangements, and the merits or demerits of
such a phenomenon.

I am saddened by the MDA's decision to once again adopt such a
high-handed approach towards policing the media and determining what
Singapore audiences can or cannot view on the soapbox. If children are
to be protected from such issues as homosexuality, then the onus
really should be on their parents and/or guardians to do the supervision.

Adult Singaporeans, I think, have enough prudence to decide for
themselves on the feasibility and desirability of homosexuality within
the Singaporean context.

Ken Lee Jun-Jie