Voting: Sayoni Hot 20 List 2008 (July 1)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dear All

Every year, mainstream, men's magazines such as FHM and Maxim publish lists
of Hot 100 Women. And every year, we choke on those lists because they
feature typically boring, made-for-straight-men, never-over-35, and
never-over-110-pounds women. We know, that as queer women, we have way
better taste , and we are
able to appreciate all kinds of beauty. Hence we opened nominations for
women based in Singapore or originated from Singapore, and boy, did we did
get a lot of responses.

Gone are the young stick-thin bikini girls, and in place, genuine women of
substance dominate the list. We have playwrights, directors, actors,
businesswomen, politicians, poets and more, and our list comprises a much
wider age group.

Now this is your chance to tell us whom YOU find hot. Vote away after taking
a look at the nominees here:
Voting is limited to queer women (Sorry gay boys! But we still love you).

Look out for the results in a few weeks' time!
The Sayoni Admin Team
To Empower Asian Queer Women