ST Forum: Night club's policy discriminatory (Jul 15)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Night club's policy discriminatory

ON JULY 9, my friends and I wanted to have a fun night out at O Bar, a popular night club located in Mohamed Sultan Road. However, it turned out to be a disappointing night for all of us when my two friends, who are androgynous, were denied entry into the club because of their masculine appearance.

It was Ladies Night that evening, and my two friends understood that the Ladies Night promotion of free entry and drinks for women didn't quite apply to them. Hence, they were willing to pay the entrance fee and enter the club like the any other men.

However, the club's staff refused them entry. When asked for an explanation, the staff simply mentioned that it was the club's policy.

This was never a problem for my two friends at other clubs like Zouk and the Ministry Of Sound.

I am upset over this incident of discrimination. I could understand from a business point of view if my friends were denied free entry as women on Ladies Night. However, what I could not comprehend is why a business would reject a customer who was willing to pay to enter because of the way she looked.

If O Bar's main argument was based on adhering to policy, than it is very disappointing to know that such a policy exists to exclude a specific group of people based on their choice of lifestyle.

I strongly feel that this is pure discrimination against people like my friends. People should be allowed to express themselves freely in a manner that is most comfortable to them. My friends and I hope that the management of O bar would reconsider this policy.

Geraldine Raphaela Joseph (Ms)