Free Community Church - Living Water Cell Group for Gay Men (Jan 9)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

living water started on 15 Jul 2005 as a support group for gay men who
want to find out more about what the Bible says about homosexuality.
since then living water has gone through 6 cycles and the members from
the first “trilogy” has gone on to form a cell group.

we are starting on living water vii (yes 7!), and we are inviting guys
who are interested join us.

many of us are still struggling to reconcile our sexuality with our
faith. many seek to escape from this struggle by not confronting it,
and burying it deep within. some of us stop attending church. some of
us lead double lives.

it is not an easy journey, and there are no simple answers. i know, i
am still journeying too. but being a Christian is not a destination;
it is a journey, a pilgrimage.

If you are a gay Christian and keep wandering in a wilderness
wondering whether God can ever accept you, we welcome you to join us.
Please also extend this invitation to struggling gay Christians you
may know. They need a safe space to work through their questioning.

We have named the group Living Water in honor of the warm and honest
encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

Session Info: For the first six sessions, we welcome new members to
join in. As the topics from Session 7 onwards are more private, we
will not take new members into the support group. If you want to go
through the fundamentals - the six Biblical passages and the various
areas we are going to touch on, we welcome you.

we meet every friday at zion road, near great world city at 7:30pm.

please contact me at miak@pacific. for details