ST Forum: MPs should be able to speak their minds freely (Nov 10)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

ST Forum: MPs should be able to speak their minds freely

I WAS shocked and saddened to read of another threat being made against Nominated MP Thio Li-ann. A mark of real progress for our nation is when Members of Parliament, whether elected or nominated, can speak their minds on issues without being abused or threatened. Speaking for retaining Section 377A might have put Prof Thio in the
spotlight but she is not a one-issue person. She has, in fact, ably articulated views on other subjects, both in Parliament and in articles published by The Straits Times and academic journals. In many ways, she is a fine example of a person with a good mind and a clear voice whom we should encourage and support to enrich public discourse and help to define the content of our common good.

Any MP - and any thoughtful Singaporean - should be free to share his views without fear or favour, and none of them should be subject to any threat. Threats and bullying tactics are usually associated with gangsters, desperate people and tyrants in their attempt to silence good people and dismiss sound arguments.

Daniel Koh Kah Soon