TODAY: Parents, be Aware of film's message (May 25, 2007)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Parents, be Aware of film's message

Women's group 'support of lesbian lifestyle' upsetting

Friday . May 25, 2007

Letter from Geoffrey Yeoh

I was dismayed when I read the report, "Aware's controversial choice for charity gala premiere" (May 19-20).

It was highlighted that the Association for Women, Action and Research (Aware) had chosen a movie with a strong lesbian theme, Spider Lilies (picture), for its charity premiere next week.

What particularly shocked me was that the association' s president Constance Singam said the film "explores themes that Aware supports in its Comprehensive Sexuality Education, a programme for teens that helps them develop a healthy and positive attitude towards sexuality and of themselves".

She was also quoted as saying that Aware had previewed Spider Lilies, and found it done in good taste as, apart from the fact that its protagonists are lesbians, the story deals with love, relationships and body image.

To me, the fact that a lesbian-themed movie was selected sends a very public message that Aware is supportive of this lifestyle.

As a parent of a pre-teen daughter, I have aspirations of her growing up to be a successful professional in an environment where she can grow, develop and reach her full potential.

In this regard, I support Aware's goals of gender equality for all, which give both women and men optimal opportunities.

It would appear that Aware is deviating from this original objective and is now openly promoting a lesbian lifestyle among our women.

What is particularly disturbing is that, it seems, from Ms Singam's statement, to be targeting our teens.

As a parent, I find this unacceptable and strongly urge all schools and youth organisations to be mindful of Aware's position and not put our unsuspecting, impressionable teens at risk.

I do not know whether all members and volunteers of Aware support this policy but I know many of my female friends do not.