ST Forum: Writer has prejudiced view (May 3, 2007)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3, 2007
Writer has prejudiced view that all homosexuals lead promiscuous and
hedonistic lifestyles

CONSIDERING that Singapore is striving to be an inclusive and open society,
I was dismayed to read the bigoted statements in Mr Jonathan Cheng Hern
Sinn's letter, 'MM's comments have me and family worried' (ST, May 1).

To purport that the legalisation of homosexuality will compound the problems
of Singapore's declining birth rates and the breaking down of families is
not logical.

Is the writer trying to suggest that by outlawing homosexuality, homosexuals
will somehow be forced to become heterosexual and set up 'normal' families
with children and thus solve the abovementioned social problems? This is a
ludicrous proposition, given that it has already been established that
homosexuality is a propensity that one is born into.

What perturbs me the most is how the writer takes a prejudiced view that all
homosexuals lead promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyles.

Such a wild and unsubstantiated accusation vilifies an entire community that
has contributed as much to Singapore's growth as has heterosexuals.

Are 'promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyles' exclusive to homosexuals?
Furthermore, would the writer like to vouch that all heterosexuals do not
carry STDs and thus are of no risk to the general population, as he condemns
homosexuals to be?

A teacher teaching his wards that being homosexual is normal seems to me
like an effort to educate the young that everyone has the right to be
treated equally. Does the writer deem it morally acceptable then for it to
be taught that only heterosexuals are normal and being homosexual is thus

I believe it is not simply 'criticism' that riles homosexual communities. It
is the bigotry and scorn heaped upon them by some sections of society that
cannot tolerate anyone being different from what they deem to be the norm,
as the writer has so blatantly demonstrated in his letter, which exposes the
writer's deep seated personal bias against homosexuals.

Knowing homosexual friends and peers has convinced me that homosexuality
does not make them any different from anyone else, nor does it make them the
scum of society that some people might paint them out to be. Their continued
persecution holds no place in a forward-thinking society.

Tim Mou Hui