AWARE Beauty Redefined Photo Competition

Thursday, August 28, 2008

*AWARE Beauty Redefined Photo Competition*

an initiative for budding photographers that encourages them to challenge
and redefine interpretations of beauty.

Young women and men are requested to *submit photos* of a person/people that
they consider beautiful. Creative, new interpretations of beauty are
encouraged. Each entry should include a 100-word statement on why the
photographer considers the subject beautiful.

Top photographs will be featured in the AWARE Beauty Redefined
Travelling *Photo
Exhibition* at the public libraries, in a *Zo Cards* campaign, and in the
AWARE *2009 calendar*! *Prizes* will also be awarded to the top three
entries. Top photos will be selected based on the artistic and technical
expertise of the photograph, as well as the impact of the 100-word
statement. Entries should be submitted to

This is a great opportunity for budding photographers to gain *national
recognition* and *win prizes*.

This project was developed in response to growing concerns among young women
and men over body image. Recent reports have found that over 1 in 2
Singaporean teens feel they are too fat; over 8 in 10 want to change the way
they look; and 1 in 5 would consider plastic surgery. (Singapore Medical
Journal) As this is an issue that affects our young people, AWARE believes
we should all work towards improving the self-esteem of ourselves and those
in our society.

We kindly ask for your assistance to *help publicize our photo competition*.
We hope you may endorse the program by

1) printing and displaying our poster;

2) encouraging your members to participate;

3) emailing competition info to your members.

Feel free to contact me with questions at 6779-7137. We thank you for your
support in challenging the limited definition of beauty and improving the
self esteems of young women and men.

With Gratitude,


Tenley D Peterson
Manager of Public Education & Public Relations

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Singapore 130005

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