ST Forum: Ease up on the censorship, please (June 17)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ease up on the censorship, please

KUDOS to Channel 5 for not being afraid to air the Ellen DeGeneres talk show although Singapore is still not very open to topics about homosexuality.

However, it disturbs me that whenever the show host mentions her partner's name, Portia, or whenever there is any slight mention of her sexual orientation, Channel 5 censors it and the show skids forward. It would be good if viewers get to enjoy the full show for the celebrity's talent and entertainment value, and not one based on her orientation. I do not think that easing up on censorship on such occasions is condoning homosexuals' way of life.

Would it also be possible for Channel 5 to ease up on censorship for shows that are aired after midnight due to content - for example, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The fact that these shows are aired at such a late time already means that viewers are primed for the content. Or perhaps a 'PG/Warning: unsuitable content for the young' notice could be flashed before the show starts.

Eunice Foo (Miss)