ST Online Forum: Adopt positive approach to encouragin a healthier sexual lifestyle (Aug 10)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Aug 10, 2007

Adopt positive approach to encouraging a healthier sexual lifestyle

I REFER to the letter by Dr Alan Chin, 'Beware the high-risk 'gay lifestyle' " (ST, Aug 8).

The writer seeks to draw attention and conclude that a gay lifestyle is one of the two key 'unhealthy' factors that will encourage the escalation of HIV into epitomic proportions.

The importance of the other 53 per cent, coming from heterosexual vectors and the remaining 17 per cent, the vector for which is not mentioned, is downplayed and no fair warning is given of educating the other 70 per cent of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

Which, in my opinion, is the most important to focus on. Fashionable 'gay bashing', tolerance of 'promiscuous heterosexual lifestyles' and such negative and non-constructive perspectives serve no purpose other than to create social and emotional fissures in our fragile national bedrock of solidarity, a key to our survival.

I urge everyone to seek a positive perspective and approach. Educate people on what is a healthy sexual lifestyle, and incentivise emotionally and socially for them to make the healthier choice.

There is, in my opinion, never a right or wrong choice. There is only your choice, my choice and our choice and whether the choice benefits only you or more than just you.

Tiong Yuen Wai